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October 2012 Blog Posts (16)

October is Breast Cancer and Health Literacy Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer & Health Literacy Awareness Month.

We Encourage Our Viewers to Take This Opportunity to Learn All You Can About the Anatomy of the Breast & How Cancer is Staged.

OneWorld has provided a wealth of information from some of the best resources available.  It is free and reliable information.…


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The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven seeks Knowledge Officer

REVISED 10/19/12


The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the region's largest grantmaker, is seeking a qualified candidate for a professional position in the Grantmaking and Strategy Department. The Community Foundation’s mission is to create positive and sustainable change in Greater New Haven by increasing the amount of and enhancing the impact of community philanthropy. The deadline for applications is November 9,…


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HIV is 24th Leading Cause of Death for Whites - 9th Leading Cause of Death for Blacks

HIV Death Rates Fall, But Disparities Remain: Study

, Andrew Seaman, 10/10/2012

New drug treatments have dramatically improved survival for…


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Study Demonstrates the Dangers of Second-Hand Smoke to Children

When Adults Smoke in Cars, Child Passengers Suffer: Study

HealthDay, 10/16/2012

Smoking in cars produces levels of…


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Ready to make a difference in your community?




Christian Community Action, Inc.’s

Advocacy & Education Project…


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Month - Get Informed!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Month.  It is also the month for Health Literacy. However, we at OneWorld believe that every day is the right day for Health Literacy and Breast Cancer Education. OneWorld has a more extensive posting for all women on our regular web blog page at:

By October 21,…


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RWJF News Digest: Childhood Obesity - A Variety of Resources about Childhood Obesity

Colorado Tries to Keep Kids on Healthy Track 

USA Today, Kelly Kennedy, 10/03/2012 This frequently updated news digest on the subject of Childhood Obesity…


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Many People Are Working On The Obesity Problem In The Black and Hispanic Communities

Education about Obesity Needs to Start with Parents, Community Organizations and Schools.

It would help greatly if more Churches substitute fruits and veggies for danish, bagels and muffins.…


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Eighteen-month-old Shot in Cross-fire. Where is the Community Indignation to End The Violence?

The undersigned are members of Community Healing Network - based in New Haven.
Dear Friends:
A few days ago, a little boy, just one and a half years old, was the victim of a drive-by shooting in New…

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The Next Generation of Manhood - A Call to Action Against Domestic Violence


A Call To Men has produced a powerful and informative PSA titled: The Next Generation of Manhood.

OneWorld Progressive Institute (OneWorld) invites you to watch this 2 mins 9 secs…

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The Community Healing Network Invites You to Defy The Lie and Embrace the Truth

Dear Friends:

We are counting down to the fifth annual celebration of Community Healing Days on October 19, 20, and 21. This year, Community Healing Network and the Association of Black Psychologists are coming together to call on Black people everywhere to make a personal commitment to emotional wellness by taking the…


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Understanding Medicare Care, Cost, Control and Consequences

Medicare Finances Made Simple


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Facts about ACA and Medicare - Hear from the Experts

What are the real facts about the Affordable Care Act and Medicare? Get answers from the experts. Hear from Brad Plebani, deputy director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy (CMA), through a OneWorld community information video. Hear also from Frances Padilla, President, Universal Health Foundation; Theresa Younger, Executive Director, The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW), and the Reverend Lamar-Sterling, First…


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Chief Program Officer - YWCA Hartford Region

For more information, please contact Janna Pedersen at:

Ampersand Consulting

PO Box 35

Storrs, CT 06268

860-429-2930 - voice

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Evening Childcare Assistant position opening at Junta

Junta for Progressive Action has an immediate opening for an Evening Childcare Assistant.  The Assistant cares for children of parents who are enrolled in Junta’s adult education classes.  This is a  is a part-time position. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

-       Register children for childcare service

-       Provide age-appropriate activities for children 5-13 including, but not limited to: Arts and crafts…


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October is Domestic Violence Awareness  Month.  Education is Key to Awareness and Prevention.

 The 24-hour toll-free hotline to report domestic violence in CT is 888-774-2900.  Confidential assistance is available, free of charge.

The Regional Center for Domestic Violence Services will hold a conference on “The Lethality of Domestic Violence” on October 19…


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Open Street Project

An Open Streets Family Reunion: Reflections from the 2018 Open Streets Summit

By Ryan O’Connor, Director of Programs, 8 80 Cities Recently 8 80 Cities wrote a blog post about open streets being a labour of love. That being the case, the 2018 Open Streets Summit in New Orleans felt like a family reunion of sorts. It was rejuvenating to see old and new friends who share our passion for open streets and are working tirelessly to create healthier, happier, and more connected communities across the world. The event, which took place on September 15-16, brought together more than 50 leaders who currently organize open streets programs or are interested in bringing the...

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Open Streets Summit Draft Agenda

We hope you are getting ready and feel excited about the Open Streets Summit in Gretna/New Orleans! Taking place from September 15-16, 2018, the Summit will feature tours, presentations and networking opportunities with open streets champions and organizers from across the continent. Attendees will learn about the nuts and bolts of starting or scaling up open streets programs, including: Route design and planning Partnerships with business and officials Social inclusion Safety and logistics Marketing and promotion Program evaluation through measurable goals and metrics If you haven’t done it yet, click here to register for the Open Streets Summit only or...

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Open Streets Summit Speakers Announced!

The Open Streets Project is proud to announce that Ed Solis from Viva Calle (San Jose, CA), Romel Pascual from CicLAvia (Los Angeles, CA), Jaymie Santiago and Charles Brown from New Brunswick Ciclovia will join us as speakers for the 2018 Open Streets Summit in New Orleans and Gretna! Taking place from September 15-16 2018, the Summit will feature: Behind the scenes tour of the City of Gretna’s inaugural open streets program. Workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities with open streets champions and organizers from across the continent. Training and inspiration for both -novice and experienced- open streets organizers and supporters...

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Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Diving into the Deep, Hard + Imperative Work of Community Violence Intervention

As part of its partnership with the Department of Justice, LISC s supports practitioners and policy makers with best practices and overcoming challenges facing community violence intervention (CVI) work in American communities. An article from the National Criminal Justice Association highlights the many voices represented during a recent webinar for nearly 1,000 attendees, led by on-the-ground experts in violence intervention, researchers and DOJ leaders. The webinar is now part of a robust online resource center hosted by LISC and the DOJ’s Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative.

Talking Financial Stability With LISC CEO Michael T. Pugh

In a wide-ranging radio interview with Audacy's On the Block 94.7, LISC CEO Michael T. Pugh unpacks the ways CDFIs, from the most local to the largest, are so well poised to support financial mobility. He also praises the role of good financial advice, and forecasts how AI can create alternative methods for building credit.

Empowering Agriculture: A Black-Owned Grain Storage Facility Marks New Era in Mississippi Delta Farming

Delta Diamond Ag stores and handles grains, a critical service for helping farmers bring their crops successfully to market. With a $500,000 loan from LISC’s Black Economic Development Fund, this rare African-American-owned facility is poised to change agriculture in the Delta. In recognition of Black History Month, we’re sharing this conversation with CEO Leigh Allen about how the company can serve area growers and the larger community, the importance of African-American representation in the agricultural supply chain, and his own deep affection for Delta farming.

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