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Healthy Volunteers Needed!


If you are 60 years of age or older and healthy, you may be eligible to participate in a

free and confidential study to help researchers learn about the normal presence of bacteria

in the respiratory tract and how they are transmitted between adults. There may not

be a direct benefit to you if you take part, but the information learned from the study

may help other people in the future. Compensation up to $125 for 6 visits, as well…


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REVERIES: JOURNALING IN PLACE - An Exhibit and Book Signing by Susan Newbold at City Gallery


Did you know that the words journal and journey are derived from the same root, the French word, “jour,” which means day? And while the original function of a journal was to record one's day-to-day journey, you'll find that modern-day journaling elaborates with elements of writing, drawing, painting, collage, and…


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Job Openings at Save the Sound

The mission of Save the Sound is to protect and improve the land, air, and water of Connecticut and Long Island Sound. We use legal and scientific expertise and bring people together to achieve results that benefit our environment for current and future generations.

Save the Sound currently has multiple full-time positions open, see below for a short summary on each position or visit …


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How to Use Strategic Confusion for Deeper Learning

For the last three weeks, I have been planning out this semester’s courses. I am teaching eight courses ranging from fully in-person to fully virtual but synchronous (using Zoom) to fully asynchronous and online with a combined hybrid approach mixed in. My goal is...

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Universal Health Care Foundation Seeks Racial Equity Consultant - Apply by Nov. 24

Universal Health Care Foundation of CT seeks a consultant to work with an engaged and collaborative board, currently comprised of 8 members, to define antiracism and scope milestones and a timeline for becoming antiracist in setting policy priorities and strategic direction; carrying out our grant-making role; and governance practices including recruitment, leadership development and retention of board members. Several new members will join the board in 2022. The staff is also engaged in a…


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Photographer William Frucht Invites You to Imagine LAST SUMMER at City Gallery

Photographer William Frucht’s show LAST SUMMER uses street photography and landscapes to illustrate our collective hopes and disappointments during the Summer of 2021. This collection of work is on view at City Gallery from November 4 - November 28, with a reception Saturday, November 13 from 1pm - 4pm.

“By the summer of 2021, we…


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What Does a Community-Based Approach to Chronic Homelessness Look Like?

I’m in my hometown of Austin, Texas, riding in a golf cart with Alan Graham. He’s CEO and founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes and he’s giving me a tour of this 51-acre master-planned community. It’s called Community First!



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APPLY TO CONNECTICUT’S PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES FOR FREE NOVEMBER 15 CENTRAL, EASTERN, SOUTHERN, WESTERN, AND UCONN Submit your admission application on November 15, 2021 and select the Application Fee Free Day waiver for Connecticut Residents. This one-day-only special allows Connecticut high school seniors to apply to Connecticut’s public universities for free, with no required application payment. Students eligible for a fee waiver need not wait to apply on November 15.…


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From NPQ - The Sensemaking Organization: Designing for Complexity

Much has been made recently about how our “narratives” about the way the world works create and reinforce the form and outcomes of social structures. Our civil society organizations are not immune from this dynamic. Nonprofits and movement groups are created and recreated by…


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From NPQ - MANAGEMENT Structuring for Sensemaking: The Power of Small Segments

In traditional organizations structure is defined as the lines of authority, or decision-making, and communications. The core function of these structures is management of resources towards stated goals. However, in sensemaking organizations, those that cannot rely on…


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From NPQ - The Sensemaking Mindset: Improvisation over Strategy

A core idea in the sensemaking approach to organizational change is that the sensemaking process is kicked off by action. To expand on this, …


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From NPQ - The Sensemaking Worker: Organizing for Learning

The experience of the individual in the work setting is not generally an area of focus in academic research or the workplace. Work narratives are from the viewpoint of the work that must get done through individuals, not from how the individual develops through the work, or…


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NPR: A North Carolina Principal Rethinks The Classroom And Brings Students Outdoors

Last year's COVID-19 lockdown disrupted the idea of school as we know it and it forced educators to think outside of the box. For one elementary school principal in North Carolina, thinking outside of the box had him heading outside — literally...…


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How to Fund Place-Based Partnerships, if We Want Them to Work

During the early days of COVID in March 2020, members of Rocky Mountain Partnership, a place-based partnership dedicated to driving economic and social mobility for its community members, flexed their collaboration muscles to coordinate a response to quickly evolving community needs in the Denver area. Long-standing relationships and shared systems meant they could quickly coordinate everything from food delivery to childcare for essential workers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children and…


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It’s time for philanthropy to step up the fight against climate change

Climate change’s negative effects are coming to bear on high-priority philanthropic issues. More and better funding can protect vulnerable stakeholders and speed the net-zero transition.…


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Continuum is Hiring: Direct Care Support, Case Management, Nursing

Join Continuum's committed, creative and caring team. Apply to one of our open positions today!…


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Weekend Manager Job Opportunity

We are hiring at The Eli Whitney Museum & Workshop!

Position: Weekend Manager

Reports to: Museum Director

Part-time/Annual/non-Exempt; approximately 20 hours Friday-Sunday

Pay Scale: $18-20/hr

The Workshop @ EWM Overview

The Eli Whitney Museum was established in 1979 on the site where Whitney transformed American…


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Why Building Community Is So Important?

Building communities is a crucial process that fosters connections amongst people and creates infrastructures for these connections to happen...

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Open Street Project

An Open Streets Family Reunion: Reflections from the 2018 Open Streets Summit

By Ryan O’Connor, Director of Programs, 8 80 Cities Recently 8 80 Cities wrote a blog post about open streets being a labour of love. That being the case, the 2018 Open Streets Summit in New Orleans felt like a family reunion of sorts. It was rejuvenating to see old and new friends who share our passion for open streets and are working tirelessly to create healthier, happier, and more connected communities across the world. The event, which took place on September 15-16, brought together more than 50 leaders who currently organize open streets programs or are interested in bringing the...

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Open Streets Summit Draft Agenda

We hope you are getting ready and feel excited about the Open Streets Summit in Gretna/New Orleans! Taking place from September 15-16, 2018, the Summit will feature tours, presentations and networking opportunities with open streets champions and organizers from across the continent. Attendees will learn about the nuts and bolts of starting or scaling up open streets programs, including: Route design and planning Partnerships with business and officials Social inclusion Safety and logistics Marketing and promotion Program evaluation through measurable goals and metrics If you haven’t done it yet, click here to register for the Open Streets Summit only or...

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Open Streets Summit Speakers Announced!

The Open Streets Project is proud to announce that Ed Solis from Viva Calle (San Jose, CA), Romel Pascual from CicLAvia (Los Angeles, CA), Jaymie Santiago and Charles Brown from New Brunswick Ciclovia will join us as speakers for the 2018 Open Streets Summit in New Orleans and Gretna! Taking place from September 15-16 2018, the Summit will feature: Behind the scenes tour of the City of Gretna’s inaugural open streets program. Workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities with open streets champions and organizers from across the continent. Training and inspiration for both -novice and experienced- open streets organizers and supporters...

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Local Initiatives Support Corporation

For Formerly Incarcerated Women in Arizona, a Fair Chance at Financial Wellness

The Arouet Foundation supports women returning from incarceration in Phoenix, helping them work toward financial stability and avoid recidivism—beginning while they are still imprisoned. The Foundation’s Alison Rapping sat down with LISC to explain how the Financial Opportunity Center model, combined with other wrap-around services, has been extraordinarily successful in assisting clients to get past the unjust obstacles that block the progress of so many returning citizens.

In Cincinnati’s Price Hill, Music Nourishes a Community

This is the story of how a youth orchestra took root and flowered within a community development corporation, and has ended up helping transform a community and enriching a city. Music for Youth in Cincinnati—MyCincinnati—and the work of Price Hill Will are emblematic of the extraordinary power of home-grown arts and culture to leverage growth, connection and joy.

The State of Rural Development: Q+A with Caitlin Cain

In a wide-ranging interview with Affordable Housing Finance, VP and director of Rural LISC Caitlin Cain lists the top ways to build robust and sustainable rural economies and reveals what keeps her up at night (and her predictions for the next Super Bowl).

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