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Some new toys: available services spreadsheets!

I just added a neat little tool to the Nurturing Families Group page - make sure you check it out.

Seen it? The idea is to have spreadsheets like that to make information sharing easier between providers. Basically what we can have is a list of locations/programs and how many clients they can still take - the trick is that the spreadsheet is open (it is just a Google Document) so it can be edited by anyone that is interested.

The one at the Nurturing families group in particular can be edited by anyone (link), so feel free to update the information there if you have it. If needed, it can be restricted to be only editable by a few people.

It is really easy to do, so if you want me to create a similar gizmo for another group, please ask!

On other news, the site also supports a ton of other apps, including fundraising and document editing tools. If someone wants to add something, please ask!

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Comment by Roger Senserrich - CAHS on September 24, 2009 at 4:47pm
It is an example. Give me the list of sites! e-mail me at!
Comment by Kathleen Hagearty on September 24, 2009 at 4:35pm
Nice tool but I don't think it is for NFN. There are eight sites in New Haven and a number of groups but I do not recognize the listing which is posted.

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