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Yale 2012 Spring Salvage program to benefit Nonprofits

The Yale Office of Facilities and Office of Sustainability would like to invite you to participate in the 2012 Spring Salvage program. Your organization is invited to join us at Ingalls Rink located at 73 Sachem Street on the following Sale Days:


Wednesday, May 16th                   10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Wednesday, May 30st                    10:30 am - 4:00 pm



All goods will be sold for a nominal price and the sale will be cash only. All items are sold and donated to non-profit organizations, New Haven area charitable organizations and the Yale community. Our warehouse will be “re-stocked” between sale days therefore our inventory will be just as good if not better on the second Sale Day.


Please take note:


  • Items will only be available for pick up during the designated Sale Day dates and times. Individuals and organizations will not be allowed to visit the warehouse before this time, place “dibs” on items of interest, or gain access before 10:30 am on the sale days.
  • Sale Days are open to by invitation to New Haven area schools, government agencies and charitable organizations with proof of 501(c)(3) status only. Please bring business cards, letterhead or other documentation such as an IRS 501(c)(3) letter for your non-profit or a current Yale issued ID.  If you will be sending patients or clients to pick up items for their own personal use please provide them with a letter to this effect, printed on your organization’s letterhead.
  • This invitation is for your organization.  Please do not pass this invitation on to friends or other members of the general public.  Please do not pass this invitation on to listservs or post it on any web sites, including those for non-profits.  Last year’s inclusion of the general public created difficulties and reduced the availability of important items for non-profits.
  • If you know of other organizations that should be invited please share their contact information with us and we will include them in this and future announcements
  • Parking is limited.  Please car pool. 
  • If you plan to pick up large items (ie. furniture) please bring a vehicle large enough to transport your items from our warehouse.  We cannot hold items for you after the sale day. 


Here is a list of items that have been available in the past.  We cannot guarantee what we will have again this year given that we rely strictly on student donations. However, many of the following items are consistently available from year to year:




Backpacks/Carrying Bags


Bed Frame

Bed Raisers



Cleaning Supplies


Computer Cords



Desk Lamps


Folding Chairs


Futon Pads



Ironing Boards

Kitchen Items

Lamp Shades

Laundry Racks

Metal Desks

Metal Lockers





Office Chairs

Office/School Supplies



Plastic Bins

Plastic Storage




Shoe Racks


Standing Lamps




Trash Cans




White Boards/Cork Boards

Window Screens

and more!


Below is the general price list for items:

(Prices are general and subject to change and specialty items will be priced individually)











Toiletries/Personal Items




Office Supplies


Kitchen Supplies (non-electric)










Storage Bins


General Dorm Materials






















       Soft Cover


       Hard cover





We look forward to seeing you in May.


-Yale Recycling

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