Workshop Series Starts This Week!
We invite all nonprofits to participate in the "Count Me in 2020 Workshop Series," to learn how you can help every person you serve or work with be counted within your current programs, services and operations.
The one-hour workshops are free, led by U.S. Census Bureau staff, and open to all nonprofits.
If you cannot attend, please designate someone from your organization to attend!
There is much at stake in Census 2020. Connecticut receives $10.7 billion in federal funding for everything from roads, schools, public works, and vital assistance programs. For every person in Connecticut not counted, an estimated $2,900 will go to other states! We cannot let that happen because community needs will remain the same and nonprofits will be asked to do more.
Congressional representation and critical data used for decision-making, such as where nonprofit programs and services should be located, are other reasons getting the Census count right is critical to Connecticut's future.
Check out this 30 second video to see how you can complete the Census 2020 form.
If you are already doing Census 2020, please let us know! Contact Jeff Shaw at
Thank you.