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All Our Kin Seeks a New Haven Director

All Our Kin seeks a dynamic social entrepreneur to maximize the effectiveness and impact of its New Haven operations. This role requires exceptional leadership, management and critical thinking. Reporting directly to the leadership team, the Director of All Our Kin-New Haven leads a high-performing staff in transforming the quality and sustainability of early childhood education in New Haven and the region.


Key responsibilities include:

Management and supervision of New Haven staff and programs

  1. Inspire staff and galvanize them to work towards a common vision and goals
  2. Create and support a positive culture committed to All Our Kin's mission and values
  3. Manage all New Haven programs, including Family Child Care Tool Kit Licensing Program, Family Child Care Network, and Early Head Start
  4. Partner with professional development staff to plan and implement trainings
  5. Coach and mentor staff to meet performance goals and continuously improve
  6. Set benchmarks for performance
  7. Hold staff accountable for program outcomes
  8. Ensure effective team communication
  9. Report to All Our Kin's leadership team and partner with them to ensure the highest possible level of excellence 

Mentorship and educational leadership

  1. Provide ongoing mentorship and support to All Our Kin's highly skilled team
  2. Observe team members in the field; reflect with them on their practice
  3. Work with team members to set clearly defined goals for provider growth and strategize with them about how to meet those goals
  4. Support all staff in increasing their knowledge of child development and adult learning

Local impact and strategic growth                   

  1. Use data to engage with the leadership team, staff and clients on ways to refine and improve programs and services
  2. Assess family child care program quality, using research-based observational tools; assess changes in provider skills, knowledge and attitudes; use other metrics as necessary to evaluate impact and effectiveness
  3. Engage community stakeholders in order to design programs and services that are responsive to emerging needs
  4. In partnership with the leadership team, shape the vision for All Our Kin-New Haven’s strategic growth
  5. Partner with change agents in the community to leverage All Our Kin’s impact and transform the quality of education in the city and the region

Candidate Requirements:

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required, advanced degree preferred
  • Eight-plus years’ experience, including at least three years of supervisory experience
  • Experience in the nonprofit and educational sectors preferred


Skills, Traits and Beliefs

Candidates must:

  • Have experience working in urban communities. 
  • Value diversity and demonstrate cultural competency.
  • Be continuously curious, self-critiquing, self-correcting, and open to new ideas.
  • Be committed to the goal of making high-quality early care and education available to all children.
  • Value an asset-based approach to change and understand that the process is lengthy and requires sensitivity, flexibility, respect, and commitment.
  • Be a creative problem solver.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Have strong organizational skills and attention to detail, with a demonstrated ability to work independently.
  • Have the ability to clearly define strategic issues and make tough decisions.
  • Be able and willing to seek innovative solutions to organizational and programmatic challenges.


Compensation and Benefits

Commensurate with experience.


About All Our Kin

All Our Kin, Inc., is a nationally-recognized, Connecticut-based nonprofit organization that trains, supports, and sustains community child care providers in order to ensure that children and families have the foundation they need to succeed in school and in life. We invest in children’s first teachers, offering a teaching and learning model that supports child care providers at every stage of their development, from parents and caregivers to professional educators and businesspeople. Through our programs, child care professionals succeed as business owners; working parents find stable, high-quality care for their children; and our youngest and most vulnerable children receive the early learning experiences that prepare them to succeed in school and in life.


All Our Kin is an equal opportunity employer and recognizes that diversity and opportunity are fundamental to children’s lives and to our work. 


To Apply: Send resume and cover letter by mail: All Our Kin, P.O. Box 8477, New Haven, CT 06530-0477, by fax: 203-772-2386, or by e-mail:

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