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Seeking volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations


The New Haven young adult congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints values kindness, caring for others, and supporting individual and community growth. Two of the young people in our congregation are volunteer missionaries who leave their home for 18 to 24 months to invite others to come unto Jesus Christ. They also spend time helping and supporting others, independent of religious, social, or other interests or affiliations.

Our current missionaries, Sister Napier and Sister Wright, are looking to volunteer with one or more nonprofit organizations for up to 10 hours a week. Activities could include food preparation or packaging, indoor or outdoor cleaning, paperwork or office organization, or light maintenance such as painting. They are open to other opportunities for collaboration, ideally with activities taking place during the day.

For their safety and that of community members, the missionaries have been asked to avoid the following:

  • Activities that cost money or where money is collected;

  • Using power tools or operating or riding any machinery;

  • Working where they could fall from great heights (roof, trees, etc.);

  • Working where they could get trapped or injured in closed spaces (deep trenches);

  • Working in schools, daycare centers, or any other place where they may be alone with children;

  • Activities with or around animals;

  • Working with populations who are at high risk of catching COVID (senior care centers, hospitals, etc.); and

  • Large group gatherings.

In addition, the missionaries have been asked only to participate in activities in which all participants are required to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. Please contact me for more information.

Thank you,

Andrew Wait


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