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Shetterly's “HIDDEN FIGURES” Garners 3 Oscar Nominations

OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc is a 501(C)3, 100 percent volunteer organization serving Greater New Haven and the broader CT community since 1996. Please visit our YouTube channel to see examples of our work: Engagement, Education and Health Literacy are our main areas of focus.  Visitors can learn much more about OneWorld’s investment in each area by visiting the following links: Education Agenda: See our Civic Engagement programs and forums at: and Health Literacy can be found at:

Margot Lee Shetterly's book Hidden Figures has produced a remarkable movie.  Congratulations to her. It is her first publication.  

Ms. Shetterly will be at Quinnipiac University on Feb. 8, 7:00 - 10pm, for a Discussion Forum.  OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc highly recommends the book. Every young woman should read this book; we particularly recommend it for young women of color. The facts documented in this book are a part of America’s history. Our public schools should put this book in their libraries so that it is accessible to all students.  In March, OneWorld will host a high school forum for Women's History Month.  This book will be the center of our discussion.

It would help to read the book and see the movie before attending the Feb. 8, 7-10pm forum. Be sure to read the Prologue and the Epilogue.

"The “Hidden Figures” train keeps chugging along as the film picked up three Oscar nominations Tuesday morning, including Best Picture.

• Based on the book of the same name by Hampton native Margot Lee Shetterly, the story centers on three African-American women working at NASA Langley facility during the space race in the 1960s.

• On Tuesday morning, Shetterly, who has an executive producer credit for the film, was alone in a hotel room in Michigan, but her phone was lighting up from a stream of congratulatory messages. • “I set my alarm so I wouldn’t miss the nominations,” she said. “It’s just so exciting and thrilling.”

• The movie centers on Katherine Johnson (played by Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae). Spencer picked up one of the film’s nominations, for Best Supporting Actress. She previously won in that category for “The Help.”

• Shetterly was particularly excited about Spencer’s nomination.

• “Dorothy Vaughan is somebody who had been completely forgotten. Her achievements weren’t well known,” she said. “Dorothy Vaughan is going to go down in the history book with the rest of these women.”


 OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc is a 501(C)3, 100 percent volunteer organization serving Greater New Haven and the broader CT community since 1996.  We produce three categories of television programs: health literacy, education and civic engagement. We also engage the community, and particularly students, in critical-thinking forums, an oratory competition and radio discussions. What we do depends largely on what we can financially afford to do at any given time and on an ongoing basis.  We invite and appreciate technical and financial support.

We at OneWorld invite you to visit our YouTube channel at:   Face Book is here:  If you like what you see, please “LIKE” our FB page and please SHARE us with others.  We are all about good information and building a POSITIVE community.  We welcome financial and technical support. Write to us at: OneWorld, Inc. P.O. Box 8662, New Haven, CT 06531

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Comment by N'Zinga Shani on January 25, 2017 at 6:03pm

This is an important book and movie.  The book is excellent; it is thorough and well written.  It is based on the facts and experiences of Ms. Shetterly, her parents and many in her community of Hampton, Virginia where she grew up.  The book offers an excellent opportunity for teachers, parents, churches and communities to seriously engage in conversations about overcoming challenges and planning for and working towards a positive future.  It also shows how segmented America is.  Growing up in Hampton, Virginia a young black girl can see a totally different America than someone growing up in Georgia, Mississippi and New Haven, CT. OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc  will be hosting a Women's History Month Forum in March; we will be using this book 'Hidden Figures' as the center piece of our discussion.  We hope that many people in Greater New Haven will join us.   You can learn more about our work by visiting our YouTube channel at:

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