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Opportunity for Women of Color interested in Community Development

This is a new program funded by the CT Department of Housing and Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and administered by LISC Connecticut, designed to introduce women of color to the community development sector. Recruitment is still underway for a new cohort of participants for 2023. The deadline to apply has been extended to Friday, December 16th.


Elements of the HCDLI include:

  • Monthly workshops with industry…

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Protecting Nonprofits That Protect Us During Crises—and Beyond


November 21, 2022

It wasn’t for-profit companies. The nonprofit sector, along with community-based …


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The Vital Connection: BIPOC-Led Narrative Change and Pluralist Democracy


November 21, 2022

Who will tell the stories that shape our future? These days, in the…


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Should We Cancel Capacity Building?

September 13, 2022

In the social change field, some phrases are repeated so often that we no longer ask what they require of us. But words matter. I have pages and pages of notes with…


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Is America Ready for Truth and Reconciliation?

Published on LinkedIn November 17, 2022…


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JPMorgan Trying to Expand Minority Small-Business Lending

HOUSTON—JPMorgan Chase & Co. is launching a national program to try to get more loans into the hands of minority small-businesses owners and close a persistent racial gap in financing...…


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It’s Time to Reaffirm Our First Amendment Right to Boycott

From the Boston Tea Party to the Montgomery bus boycott to the boycott of apartheid South Africa, politically motivated consumer boycotts have long been part and parcel of American politics. But are they protected by the First Amendment? For 40 years, the answer has been an unequivocal “yes.” But in a recent case from Arkansas, a federal court of appeals ruled otherwise. If the right to boycott is to be preserved, the Supreme Court must step in...…


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Libraries Can Unite a Lonely, Divided Nation

October 26, 2022

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic shifts to more of an endemic, it continues to eat away at the connective fibers that bind our society together. As with so many things, Covid accelerated an existing trend: America was in the throes of a …


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If we keep abusing nature it will collapse, taking us with it. We need a new mindset

The Guardian   Opinion: 
2 November 2022…

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Blame Culture Is Toxic. Here’s How to Stop It.

Picture this: Your team is racing against time and working weekends to submit a new client proposal. You finally manage to put all the documents together, and just in the nick of time, you press “send.” You take a deep breath and thank the team for their hard work. The proposal looks great and you’re confident that you’ll probably win it...…


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How to Actually Change Someone's Mind

Raise your hand if you’ve recently engaged in an insult-slinging argument that started as an attempt at a civil discussion about some hot-button issue. Many of us have, and with high-stakes elections looming, the already fiery discourse will likely only intensify.

Though it might feel satisfying in the moment, calling someone a bleeping—insert your favorite…


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She’s Inheriting Millions. She Wants Her Wealth Taxed Away.

Marlene Engelhorn, 30, heir to a fortune, isn’t interested in philanthropy, believing it only perpetuates existing power dynamics. She’s calling for structural change to how the ultrarich are taxed... ;

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Request for Proposals: Evaluation of the Neighborhood Leadership Program (NLP)

Download a copy in PDF format here.


The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (“The Foundation”) is inviting proposals from qualified individuals or firms (a “Consultant”) to work with the Neighborhood Leadership Program (NLP) Facilitators and…


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Maps Show Climate Change’s Neighborhood Impacts

Floods in City Point. Heat waves in tree-sparse, lot-heavy Newhallville. More storms that require evacuation. More periods of drought.

As climate change progresses, those conditions will become the new normal for New Haven, especially for the heat- and flood-vulnerable neighborhood of Fair Haven, reported officials tracking the trends.

An environmental transformation is already in motion. But, the officials said, the city can adapt its current…


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In Schools, Honest Talk about Racism Can Reduce Discrimination

“Where are the Native Americans now?” asked fifth grade students in an Iowa City classroom last year. There are many ways their teacher, Melanie Hester, might have answered. She could have pointed out that today Native Americans live in cities and towns across the U.S.…


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Much of the US Will Be an ‘Extreme Heat Belt’ by the 2050s

So you think it’s hot out there now? Consider the summer of 2053. That’s what researchers at First Street Foundation, a New York nonprofit that studies climate risk, have done…


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Did you know there use to be Art competitions at the Summer Olympics?

Art competitions formed part of the modern Olympic Games during its early years, from 1912 to 1948. The competitions were part of the original intention of the Olympic Movement's founder, Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. Medals were awarded for works of art inspired by…


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Report: CT not meeting emissions goals; Transportation to blame

Connecticut is not on track to meet the greenhouse gas emission goals set by the legislature — and transportation emissions are the main culprit.

The state’s annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory released Monday, which looks at data through 2018, shows transportation emissions are higher than they were in 1990, despite greater fuel efficiency in motor vehicles...…


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Out of concern for the welfare of our community and staff, The Community Foundation office at 70 Audubon is closed to visitors until further notice; Foundation staff are available by phone and email during normal business hours Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to conduct business. For up-to-date information about The Foundation’s response to COVID-19, please visit: To contact a staff member, view our staff directory.

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Open Street Project

An Open Streets Family Reunion: Reflections from the 2018 Open Streets Summit

By Ryan O’Connor, Director of Programs, 8 80 Cities Recently 8 80 Cities wrote a blog post about open streets being a labour of love. That being the case, the 2018 Open Streets Summit in New Orleans felt like a family reunion of sorts. It was rejuvenating to see old and new friends who share our passion for open streets and are working tirelessly to create healthier, happier, and more connected communities across the world. The event, which took place on September 15-16, brought together more than 50 leaders who currently organize open streets programs or are interested in bringing the...

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Open Streets Summit Draft Agenda

We hope you are getting ready and feel excited about the Open Streets Summit in Gretna/New Orleans! Taking place from September 15-16, 2018, the Summit will feature tours, presentations and networking opportunities with open streets champions and organizers from across the continent. Attendees will learn about the nuts and bolts of starting or scaling up open streets programs, including: Route design and planning Partnerships with business and officials Social inclusion Safety and logistics Marketing and promotion Program evaluation through measurable goals and metrics If you haven’t done it yet, click here to register for the Open Streets Summit only or...

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Open Streets Summit Speakers Announced!

The Open Streets Project is proud to announce that Ed Solis from Viva Calle (San Jose, CA), Romel Pascual from CicLAvia (Los Angeles, CA), Jaymie Santiago and Charles Brown from New Brunswick Ciclovia will join us as speakers for the 2018 Open Streets Summit in New Orleans and Gretna! Taking place from September 15-16 2018, the Summit will feature: Behind the scenes tour of the City of Gretna’s inaugural open streets program. Workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities with open streets champions and organizers from across the continent. Training and inspiration for both -novice and experienced- open streets organizers and supporters...

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Local Initiatives Support Corporation

LISC Teams Up With Colorado Health Foundation to Launch BIPOC Small Business Growth Fund, Makes First Two Investments in Denver

LISC launches a new BIPOC small business growth fund with support from The Colorado Health Foundation. Designed to assist entrepreneurs not well-served by traditional financing programs, the fund made its first investments in two Denver businesses that will use the patient, flexible capital for business improvement and growth.

Supporting Small Businesses & Their Workers: A Quality Jobs Roundtable

People of color disproportionately bore the brunt of small business closures during the pandemic, even as large corporations reaped record profits. But the pandemic has also sparked creative and thoughtful responses to support an equitable recovery among small business owners, while helping them create quality jobs. The LISC Institute for Community Power hosted a conversation with three individuals that have been at the forefront of that experimentation.

100 House Members Pledge Support to Neighborhood Homes Investment Act

LISC is a key member of the Neighborhood Homes Coalition, which is working with Congress to enact the NHIA. This important bi-partisan bill could fuel the construction, renovation and sale of 500,000 homes and support broad efforts to revitalize communities.

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