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Transparency Report by Charlotte Police Is Covered with Glue

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Yielding to Pressure, Charlotte Releases Videos of Keith Scott Shooting

"CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Under mounting pressure from politicians, community leaders and boisterous protesters who have brought this city’s main business district to a near standstill, the Charlotte police chief on Saturday released body and dashboard camera videos of the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a black resident here.

While they do not show everything that happened at the scene, the two released videos appear to show Mr. Scott exiting a white sport utility vehicle and backing away from it with his hands at his sides. He did not appear to be acting in a threatening or erratic manner, although officers could be heard shouting, “Drop the gun!”

The police said that they had recovered a loaded gun with Mr. Scott’s DNA on it, and that he was wearing an ankle holster. They did not reveal where they had found the gun.

It appeared from the two angles that he had nothing in his right hand. It was unclear what, if anything, Mr. Scott, who was right-handed, had in his left hand. After Mr. Scott was shot multiple times and fell to the ground, his moans could be heard as officers handcuffed him.

The police also revealed for the first time that officers had decided to confront Mr. Scott, 43, in the parking lot of his apartment complex on Tuesday because they noticed, as they were preparing to serve a warrant on another person, that he was rolling a marijuana cigarette inside his S.U.V. — and had observed him “hold a gun up,” according to a news release. Mr. Scott was parked in a visitor’s parking space at his apartment complex, where he often waited for a school bus bringing one of his children home from school."

Delay in releasing videos allowed time for the police and their legal advisers to coordinate a story and maybe even create a palatable video. I hope there are others who have original videos.
1) First report --after the police shot Mr. Scott multiple times - said Mr. Scott was mistaken for someone for whom the police had a warrant.
2) That raised more ire; this man is dead because the police made an error in identity?
3) Today we get a completely different and rather odd composite story. Mr. Scott was sitting in a van with his wife (before she left to go back into her house for a charger) and the eagle-eyed police officers could see from some distance that he was rolling Marijuana in his car and had a gun. They could see this without going to his van!?
4) Emphasizing that the shooter was black is just another slap in the face of protesters. This was a blue on black crime; makes no difference his skin color.
5) “The anger and suspicion in Charlotte have been fueled in part by memories of the September 2013 police slaying of Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old black man who was shot 10 times by a white officer in a Charlotte subdivision. Mr. Ferrell had been in a car wreck, and had walked to a nearby home and knocked on the door. A white woman, fearing Mr. Ferrell was a robber, called 911. One officer, upon arrival, immediately aimed a Taser at Mr. Ferrell. Another officer, Randall Kerrick, fired his gun, believing that Mr. Ferrell was trying to take the gun away.” Racism is the Undergirder at every level of the encounters described.
6) Mr. Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter, but the case ended in a hung jury and a mistrial in August 2015. Prosecutors decided not to retry Officer Kerrick, and the case was dismissed. Jonathan Ferrell is dead and Randall Kerrick is a free man!
7) Freddie Gray is dead and all six officers involved in his death are free.
8) Tamir Rice (age 12) is dead and the officer who killed him was not even charged. There is a litany of such situations with dead black men and police not being held  accountable.
9) Dr. King said it is both impractical and immoral for black people to turn to violence. However, “A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard.”
If the police continue to take away peaceful options with deception, fabrications and defamation of character – God help us ALL. Where and when do the physical and psychological abuse of black people in America end?

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