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REPORT CARD On CT's Top Performing Schools. Thanks ConnCAN


OneWorld highly recommends reading and sharing this information; it is very interesting and informative for a variety of obvious reasons.

"Just in time for the start of a new school year, ConnCAN has released its annual School Report Cards, assigning letter grades to every public school in Connecticut and highlighting schools that provide a high-quality education regardless of race, family income, or ZIP code.

Comprehensive reports on the quality of Connecticut's schools, with interactive tools to compare the schools that prepare our kids for the future.

This year we've completely redesigned the Report Cards website, which now features interactive maps and the ability to compare up to four schools. There are also two school years’ worth of data, so parents, educators, public school leaders, and policy makers can compare a school’s performance year-over-year.

ConnCAN also compiled Success Story and Top 10 school lists, to highlight schools that are working to provide the tools every student needs to succeed."

How does ConnCAN defines a Success Story School?

"Success Story schools provide a high-quality education to some of Connecticut’s most underserved students regardless of race, wealth, or ZIP code. To qualify, a school must enroll more minority students and more low-income students than the state average and at least one group (African American, Hispanic, or low-income students) must perform above the overall state average. These schools must also ensure that the performance of one single group does not fall far below the rest of the students at their school, since all groups must receive a grade of “C” or higher."

Top 10 Schools

"In order to be on our Top 10 lists, a school must be one of the top 10 performing public schools in Connecticut within a designated category, in addition to meeting certain enrollment and minimum performance requirements." 

How to Use The ConnCAN Site

ConnCAN’s newly redesigned Report Cards Website assigns letter grades to every public school in Connecticut. That’s over 900 schools! We’ve worked hard to make all of that information easy to understand and to make the site easy to use.

View an introduction to ConnCAN's report cards from our CEO, Jennifer Alexander. (Please watch)

Aquí se puede ver la introducción en español.  Here you can see the video introduction in Spanish.  Report Card information in Spanish

Watch the “how-to” video for a more detailed explanation of how to use the ConnCAN site. 

OneWorld has organized all of the salient information provided by ConnCAN here for our readers, so you do not have to put off reading or looking up further information.  This School Report Card is of service to the community.  You can learn more about ConnCAN at:  You will also need to visit the ConnCAN report site to get more details about fine aspects of the School Report Card.  This year's report is much more detailed than in previous years.  OneWorld highly commends ConnCAN for this service to the broader Connecticut community.

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