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Nonprofit Leader Takes On Rush Limbaugh The Chronicle on Philanthropy ask, how would you respond to Rush?


Nonprofit Leader Takes On Rush Limbaugh

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, at left, had some unflattering things to say about nonprofit workers during a recent broadcast—and Robert Egger, president of D.C. Central Kitchen, has posted an amusing retort on YouTube.

While excoriating Democrats and the left for allegedly trying to kill the "private sector," Mr. Limbaugh refers to "lazy idiots" and then segues into an evaluation of the nonprofit world:

"Nonprofits siphon contributions as their salaries and so forth and think of themselves as good people, charitable people. These people are rapists in terms of finance and the economy."

Mr. Egger's video—which as of Wednesday morning had been viewed more than 40,000 times—takes Mr. Limbaugh on a mini-tour of the nonprofit world, wondering if the radio host was referring to the "lazy idiots" who organized the World War II memorial, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, run churches and other religious institutions, or are employed by the conservative Heritage Foundation (which highlights Mr. Limbaugh's membership on its Web site).

It ends with a visit to D.C. Central Kitchen, in Washington, where participants in a culinary job-training program use a universal gesture to show Mr. Limbaugh exactly what they think about his comments.

How would you respond to Rush?



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