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Greater New Haven - Sign Up for Primary Health Care Services

Primary Health Care Programs and Services are the Bedrock of Preventing the Proliferation of Chronic Diseases and Continuous or Frequent Illnesses.

Fair Haven Community Health Center, Cornell Scott Hill-Health Center, and Yale NH Primary Care Center are places in Greater New Haven that offer comprehensive Primary Health Care (PHC) programs and services.  Primary Health Care is the Bedrock of Prevention and an essential key in controlling chronic diseases.  With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare for those over 65, and the expansion of Medicaid, there is very little reason not to have access to affordable health care in CT.  It costs much more to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), severe obesity and high cholesterol than it does to prevent these debilitating conditions.  Effective PHC prevents pain, suffering, loss of wages, and the debilitating effects of preventive illnesses on the sufferers and on their families. Children are greatly affected by the illnesses that affect their parents and guardians.

OneWorld encourages you to sign up for primary health care and prevention services today.  Are you over age 50? Get screened for Colon Cancer.

There are three major Primary Health Care Centers in New Haven.  They are Yale Primary Care Center, (YPCC), Fair Haven Community Health Center (FHCHC), and the Cornell Scott Hill-Health Center.  These centers offer comprehensive primary health care to ALL residents of the Greater New Haven area.  Each center has its own guidelines and range of services based upon its charter and service guidelines.  This blog will focus mainly on services offered by FHCHC which offers a full range of adult, dental, diabetes, pediatric, prenatal, well-baby, preventive and geriatric care and services. By signing up to get your Primary Health Care and preventive care services at FHCHC you can also get free screening for Colon Cancer.  When caught early Colon Cancer can be successfully treated. Be Proactive about Your Health.  FHCHC accepts Medicare, Medicaid and regular (marketplace) health insurance; the FHCHC also offers a sliding scale charge for the uninsured.

Main Location: 374 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06513

Phone: (203) 777-7411

Contrary to the information on the internet, FHCHC is not opened 24 hours daily. 

FHCHC also has several School-Based Health Clinics that provide services to children

Visit:   Get much more details or call the phone number listed.

This link is to the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (CHCACT):

Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (Provides information about community health care centers statewide)
100 Great Meadow Road, Suite 400
Wethersfield, CT 06109
(860) 667-7820
(860) 667-7835 (fax)
Get in touch with us here.

Cornell Scott Hill-Health Center - Visit:  Call: (203) 503-3000

Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center is Connecticut's oldest and largest community health Center and has been a leader in community health care for more than 45 years. Hill has multiple locations in New Haven, Ansonia and Derby and offers a comprehensive range of care.

Visit the link above or call the number to learn more about the programs and services offered.

Hill Health Center Main Location is: 428 Columbus Ave., New Haven, CT 06519

Hill Health has a Walk-in Clinic at 226 Dixwell Ave., New Haven. Call (203) 503-3000

Yale New-Haven Hospital Primary Care Center: 203.688.5555 (toll-free 1.800.737.1980).

Learn more about the City of New Haven’s (Mayor's Office) collaboration with FHCHC here: Health Wellness and Community Outreach.

OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc., is a small group of committed volunteers who produce community information and education television programs on health literacy, education and civic engagement.  We also find good information and post informative blogs about issues we believe shine light and are beneficial to many in our communities.  Learn more about us at our web site:  and visit our web health section at:  Please share our information with others.  Watch our informative television programs on your public access channels: AT&T Uverse (Channel 99, the drop-down menu listed alphabetically by towns); Charter Communications Chan. 21 (in mid-western CT), and Comcast Channels: 10, 15, 18 & 26.  Most channels air OneWorld programs multiple times weekly. Our YouTube channel has several extensive program clips for your viewing.

Visit our YouTube channel at:

See us on:

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