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Lee Cruz's Blog – February 2020 Archive (12)

CT News Junkie: Judiciary Committee To Tackle End To Solitary Confinement

Stop Solitary CT’s website says the replica will allow those who visit to “experience the horror, isolation, and dehumanization that is solitary confinement.” It will be in the lobby of the Capitol until March 4.

Members of Stop Solitary CT argue that increased isolation in prisons may achieve the very opposite goal of rehabilitating inmates.

“Correction means to…


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How our colonial past altered the ecobalance of an entire planet

It brought riches to Britain and many other European nations; played a major role in enslaving more than 10 million Africans; and created the first global markets in cotton, tobacco and sugar. But now colonialism has been accused of having an even greater influence. It is claimed that it changed the Earth’s very makeup...…


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Amazing Map: Visualizing the True Size of Africa

Mapped: Visualizing the True Size of Africa

Published February 19, 2020



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NYT Opinion: Why Are Nonprofit Hospitals So Highly Profitable?

“So, how much money do you guys make if I do that test you’re ordering for me?” This is a question I hear frequently from my patients, and it’s often followed by some variant of, “I thought hospitals were supposed to be nonprofit.”

Patients are understandably confused. They see hospitals consolidating and creating vast medical empires with sophisticated marketing campaigns and sleek digs that resemble luxury hotels. And then…


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Black History Month is a chance for white parents to learn how to talk about racism

Black History Month is first and foremost a weeks-long celebration of the pioneering black Americans who changed the course of our culture and country. 

For white parents, particularly those who don't feel comfortable or prepared to talk with their children about race and racism, the month should also be seen as a timely opportunity to start essential, on-going conversations about racist ideas…


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Public libraries are expanding the sharing economy by adding Libraries of Things to their catalogs


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Will Worker Ownership Seize Center Stage in US Politics in 2020?

Could worker ownership of corporations hit mainstream US politics in 2020? Some Democratic presidential candidates are making that case, reports Jeff Stein in the Washington Post...…


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Attention New Haven Residents

Your input is requested. Please Take a Survey of Community Needs!

The City of New Haven is seeking input for its 5-Year Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development for 2020-2024. 

Click here to go to this breif survey: …


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Yale Law 2020 Critical Race Theory Conference: Reparations and Prison Abolition

Yale Law 2020 Critical Race Theory Conference: Reparations and Prison Abolition
February 29,…

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National Archives Whitewash the Historical Record—Again

It is hard to make good decisions without good data. From the scale of nationwide efforts to improve education and healthcare to the day-to-day decisions faced by boards and staff of the smallest…


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Can Wood Construction Transform Cities From Carbon Source to Carbon Vault?

A new Yale study predicts that a transition to timber-based wood products in the construction of new housing, buildings, and infrastructure would not only offset enormous amounts of carbon emissions related to concrete and steel production — it could turn the world's cities into a vast carbon sink...…


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Voices from the Field: 6 Leadership Imperatives for Philanthropy, Centered on Racial Equity


January 30, 2020

While …


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Foreclosure Risk is Growing, With No Relief in Sight

Homeowners and small landlords are under mounting pressure, as lost income related to COVID-19 leaves them with month after month of unpaid debt and limited ability to catch up. The loss of wealth could impact the next generation and beyond, especially in communities of color, warns LISC’s Denise Scott. “Just as COVID-19 is having a disproportionate impact on the health of Black and Brown families, so too is it exacerbating our racial wealth gap, which already saps so much from our national potential.”

Unlocking Corporate Treasuries for Racial Equity: A Podcast with LISC's George Ashton

George Ashton III, who oversees LISC's Strategic Investments department, joined a recent episode of the podcast Money + Meaning to discuss LISC's Black Economic Development Fund. The conversation delved into the growth of CDFIs and their role in economic development and how more corporations can direct their capital towards systems change that promotes racial equity.

How CDFIs and the UN Can Align the Measure of their Common Goals

By adopting a set of universal benchmarks established by the United Nations—the UN Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs—Community Development Financial Institutions can streamline the way they measure and demonstrate the investments they've been making for decades to help create equity and wellbeing for people and places in the United States. A blog by LISC's Anna Smukowski and the OFN's Andrea Longton explains how and why.

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