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The U.S. Health Disadvantage: A CRISIS That We Must Address Together Today

“The U.S. spends far more per capita on health care than other high-income countries, yet the nation has fallen in relative standing because it has the worst health outcomes.” As the report title aptly states, "…


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Be a Guest Reader at LEAP!

Today’s Readers are Tomorrows Leaders

Reading aloud to children is beneficial on a number of levels. It increases vocabulary, literacy skills and comprehension. It is the foundation of literacy development. (Kathleen Childress 2011) Once children possess these skills, it opens up a whole new world of learning and development, especially inner city children. More importantly, children love being read to.…


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Office Furniture Available!

We have the following office furniture available:

* three metal desks with wooden tops (various drawer arrangements)

* one wood-veneer desk (one file- and one-regular drawer)

* three, three-drawer lateral files

* one wooden project table (has seen a lot of hard use, but might be right for a workshop or warehouse)


Free to any non-profit that can cart it away by Jan. 31st! Please contact The New Haven Preservation Trust at 203-562-5919 or email…


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Calling GNH nonprofits: take this survey by Feb 15!

In our continued effort to gather information on the state of the nonprofit sector in our region, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is encouraging area nonprofits to participate in the fourth annual Nonprofit Finance Fund’s (NFF) survey. NFF analyzes the results and provides them to all of us—nonprofits, government, foundations, lending institutions, media, and umbrella organizations—in late March.…


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VITA tax prep sites open this week

VITA sites, where volunteers offer low-income individuals and families free help preparing their income taxes, open throughout the region this week.

Click here for a list of area sites and more information, and please help spread the word!

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Looney Leads The Charge (In Dealing with GUNS In Our Community) & Gangbanger Call-In

Looney Leads The Charge  (Dealing with GUNS in our Community)

“We need to shine a light on better mental health care for younger children,” Looney said.

Each of the three working groups—mental health, gun violence and school security—are working against a Feb. 15 deadline to recommend legislation to the overall task force they are part of. At that point, Looney will be key…


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In N.A.A.C.P., (Soft-Drink) Industry Gets Ally Against Soda Ban (?!!!)

The N.A.A.C.P. Has Close Ties to Several Soft-Drink Companies, Particularly Cocoa-Cola

The civil rights organization is standing by its friends in their fight against Michael Bloomberg’s soda rules.  New York City health officials say the obesity rate for African-Americans in New York City is higher than the city average. The city’s health commissioner, Dr. Thomas A. Farley, said Wednesday that he was “disappointed” the N.A.A.C.P. had…


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Graduation Rate Rises To 70.5% (New Haven Public Schools)

Another VERY Interesting and Informative Article about NHPS

Graduation Rate Rises To 70.5%

by Melissa Bailey | Jan 22, 2013 3:21 pm


You may read the entire article linked below.  After reading the article, if you do not have time to read all the comments, we are posting one here for you. Draw your own conclusions.…


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Ex-Cotton-Picker Marks The Journey - A New Haven Independent Article


We commend Hillhouse High School Principal, Kermit Carolina, for making the school available on Inauguration Day for this historic purpose.  This is but one example of the dual purpose our public school buildings can serve.  It is a great way for many people in the community to come together and share this experience with others in their neighborhood school. Thanks also to the New Haven Independent (NHI) for sharing this information and for…


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Learn How the Affordable Care Act Will Hold Insurance Companies Accountable In CT

Learn How the Affordable Care Act will Hold Insurance Companies Accountable and Reduce the Cost Of Health Care. Watch as State Senator Toni Harp and Attorney Demian Fontanella explain how this will work in CT:

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My Gun Vs. Your Safety - Courtesy of A NHI Link

This is a Very interesting article.  The images speak volume.

My Gun Vs. Your Safety

by marcia chambers | Jan 17, 2013 1:52 pm


“I feel as passionate about not owning a gun as you feel about owning one,” declared Gail Corbett, who oversees 14 classrooms, at six different schools in a nearby city.…


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Charter Revision and a Hybrid Board of Ed

If you haven't had a chance, please check out a video I made explaining Charter Revision and making the case for a Hybrid Board of Education - partially elected and partially appointed.



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Ending Violence in Children's Lives: A Resolution We Cannot Afford to Break

Ending Violence in Children's Lives: A Resolution We Cannot Afford to Break

The Huffington Post, Michael Feigelson, 01/08/2013…


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How Many Parents Know the Daily Physical Activity Guidelines for Children?

Study: Few Children Meet Physical Activity and Screen-Time Guidelines 

Education Week, Bryan Toporek, 01/07/2013 …


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A Claimed 100 Percent Murder Rate Clearance!!! Should NH Tax-payers Care?

Should New Haven Residents and Tax-payers Care about This?

A Claimed 100 Percent Murder Rate Clearance!!!

Three lives and those affected by those lives – damaged!

The City of New Haven coffers directly depleted by $200K

Willoughby retired with a pension –continued depletion of the City’s…


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New Haven Neighborhood Leadership Grant Funding Announcement

New Haven Neighborhood Grant Funding Announcement

The Neighborhood Leadership Grant Program works with resident leaders in New Haven neighborhoods to make our community a better place. We believe that resident leaders have the power to influence what happens in a neighborhood and the ability to build community where they live. We believe that all communities have assets, which include neighborhood residents, local institutions, and private and public resources.…


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* Exclusive Photos from NEW HAVEN'S MOVEMENT: a Dance Showcase End Youth Violence *

Hi GNH Community!  
Happy New Year 2013!  Thank You SO much to everyone who came out on Monday to support Carole's Future Project!  We wanted to share with you the beautiful photos from this very special event (HUGE thank you to Jeffrey Kerekes from "I Love New Haven"!)  Senior Carole Richardson of New Haven Academy truly brought her dream to life of bringing the New Haven community together to be inspired and entertained.  She is passionate about ending youth…

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Community Organizer Fellowship at Junta for Progressive Action


 Start Date: January 14th, 2013

End Date: May 31st, 2013


Position Summary:


The fellow will be working with the Advocacy Program. The program represents Junta’s central agenda as we move forward in our mission of improving the social, political and economic conditions of the community. It will combine advocacy and policy efforts with community-based organizing.


The fellow will have the…


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Development Director Position at NHSO

The New Haven Symphony Orchestra is looking for a Director of Development. Please see the job description below for details.


Job Summary

The Development Director is responsible for building the capacity of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra by overseeing a comprehensive year-round fundraising program. A member of the senior management team reporting to the Executive Director, the Development Director plans, implements, manages, and…


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Magnet School Lottery Odds Revealed - Courtesy of the New Haven Independent

Magnet School Lottery Odds Revealed

This is a MUST READ for Parents with School-age Children

Applications for admissions to NHPS for the 2013/2014 school year are due Feb. 15, 2013.  The lottery takes place on March 12, 2013.  Students accepted will start school Sept. 2013.

We applaud the New Haven Independent (NHI) and Melissa…


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Neighborhoods: What is Working

Community: The Structure of Belonging

Excerpt of the Welcome from the new second edition of Peter's book "Community: The Structure of Belonging."

The Church and Proximity

How St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Westerville, Ohio created a new narrative for itself and been radically shaped by the community in which it lives and serves.

Restorative Practices: A Toolbox for Turbulent Times

Transcription of John and Peter's May 8, 2018 conversation with Thom Allena about his work in getting justice out of courthouses and into neighborhoods. Thom is a community and organizational psychologist who for nearly thirty-five years has worked in the fields of community and restorative justice, applying creative approaches to respond to crime, violence and group conflict. In Thom’s community justice work, citizens are invited to play active rather than passive roles in determining the shape of justice and become more directly involved in redressing the quality of life issues that are breached by crime.

Open Street Project

REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR the Open Streets Summit 2018 in New Orleans!

The Open Streets Project is partnering with Walk Bike Places and the City of Gretna to deliver an educational Open Streets Summit in Gretna and New Orleans, from September 15-16 2018. Summit Description The Summit will feature a behind the scenes tour of the City of Gretna’s inaugural open streets program, as well as breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a World Café with open streets champions and organizers from across the continent. The Summit will provide inspiration and practical tips for both -novice and experienced- open streets organizers and supporters from public health, transportation, planning, public space, and policymaking fields....

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Open Streets Project Revamped

The Open Streets Project has undergone some changes over the last year. We bid a sad farewell to project co-founder, the Alliance for Biking & Walking, who are moving on to other things, and we happily welcomed a new partner, international Open Streets leader 8 80 Cities. We are excited for all the possibilities and energy this partnership will bring.

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Local Initiatives Support Corporation

LISC Buffalo Names New Executive Director

LISC is ramping up its economic development work in Buffalo under the leadership of an new executive director, Julie Barrett O’Neill. O’Neill is a local expert in urban planning and sustainability and will take the helm of the 20-year-old LISC Buffalo program beginning in September. She replaces Michael Clarke, who retired earlier this year.

The Real Stories Behind the Unemployment Story

An article in The Guardian examines the full and complex story behind the nation’s jobless numbers as it plays out in Kansas City. LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers are highlighted as a partial solution to egregious rates of unemployment among African Americans, helping people to become “net cash positive” and to build plans that are “inspiring to them,” says LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones.

LISC Institute Retools for the Future

Nearly a decade ago, LISC created the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development as a platform for the dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas about our shared work, and as a clearing house for best practices. Since then, it has trained thousands of people in the field and shared hundred of articles, opinions and research reports. Now, with renewed energy and leadership, we are delighted to be relaunching the Institute, equipped with an interactive website and a trove of fresh tools, views and data that will help propel our work into the future. Read all about it in a message from the Institute's founders.

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